Drug pusher killed in Agdao

SUBJECT : Spot Report on a Fatal Service of Warrant of Arrest Operations against an Armed and Dangerous Robbery/ Hold-up Suspect in connection with DCPO’s Focused Drive against all Robbery, Akyat Bahay and Hold-Up personalities based in the City.

7FAA02A8-AC6A-40F5-9B36-F6888D044FCE1. At about 10:50PM of June 18, 2018, Sta Ana Police Station’s operatives led by PCInsp Mike Uyangguren composed of PCInsp Baluan, SPO2 Donquilab, SPO1 Cadenas, SPO1 Niones, PO3 Basirul, PO2 Manligoy, PO2 Cameros, PO2 Ponteras and PO2 Llavore served a warrant of arrest against CRISTIAN LOIS AGUELO GABRILLO, 24 years old, male, jobless, single at his residence at Purok 7, Sta. Catalina, Brgy. Lapu-Lapu, Jerome, Davao City wherein during the service of warrant of arrest, the Arresting Team identified ourselves as police officers and announced their intention to serve the Warrant of Arrest. However, before they could finish their narration of the order of arrest, the suspect suddenly pulled out a 22 caliber firearm, from his waist then pointed at the Operating Team but before he could squeeze the trigger at the direction of PO2 Ponteras, said operative was forced to shoot the suspect who sustained multiple gunshot wounds in the different parts of his body.

2. The operating team immediately rushed the suspect at the Southern Philippines Medical Center in an attempt to save his life but was pronounced dead on arrival by the attending physician, Dr. Araneta.

That while in the hospital, PO3 Aquino, the duty investigator, recovered a total of five (5) pieces elongated transparent heat sealed plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu marked as “A-E” and one piece EMI Match box marked as “F”.

E7D39F51-BD6E-4AC5-8A9B-2189EB301A38This office also requested the SOCO Team of RCLO XI to process the crime scene who recovered a 22 caliber firearm and (2) empty shells of 9mm.

3. Aside from the suspect’s standing warrant of arrest for the crime of Attempted Murder, he is also ranked number 5 in the station’s theft and robbery suspect wherein his Modus Operandi is Akyat-Bahay in the area of Sta Ana.

4. The total drug evidence has an estimated weight of 1 gram and an estimated street market value of Php5,000 pesos. All the drug evidences are now in the custody of said station for proper disposition while this Office also requested RCLO XI for the conduct of Autopsy on the suspect’s cadaver.

For info.

Official Statement of PSSupt Alexander C Tagum, City Director of Davao City Police Office.

Please be informed that the 2 operations of Sta Ana and Calinan Police Stations are the opening salvo of DCPO’s Oplan: R.A.T. Tugis (acronym for Robbery/ Hold-up, Akyat Bahay and Theft) that was launched yesterday- it is a City wide Focused Operations against identified Criminals involved in Robbery/ Hold-up, Akyat Bahay and Theft incidents in the City. This intensified focused Police operations is in line with the vision of DCPO to make the City the most Dangerous Place for Criminals and Terrorist but the Most Peaceful Place for it’s Residents. They are warned.


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