A salvage victim whose body was found floating off the waters of Punta Dumalag in Matina, Davao City Friday afternoon, June 15, was believed to be the same man who was earlier caught stealing inside the house of a policeman in SIR Matina last June 5.

The body of the still unidentified man was recovered by fishermen in Punta Dumalag around 1:50 p.m. Friday. The victim was wearing a black shirt with I LOVE DAVAO print and a checkered short pants. His head was wrapped with a packaging tape and both of his hands and legs were tied with a nylon rope.

In several Facebook post last June 5, a man wearing the same shirt and shorts as that of the salvage victim was said to have been caught stealing inside the residence of a policeman in SIR Matina.

According to the social media posts, the theft suspect was apprehended by the police. The suspect was said to be from Midsayap, North Cotabato.

The Davao City Police Office however said Saturday evening that no incident of theft in SIR Matina, in particular inside the residence of a policeman, was reported in their office on June 5.

The police is still investigating the incident and has not yet determined the identity of the salvage victim as of this writing.

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