Former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte will file criminal and civil complaints against Senator Antonio Trillanes for maliciously implicating him in the purported P6.4 Billion worth of shabu smuggled into the country last year.

The Presidential son said he would file criminal and civil libel charges against Trillanes for “viciously destroying my name, maligning my reputation and integrity, and for deliberately manufacturing lies and spreading black propaganda against me.”

“Senator Trillanes manufactured lies and deliberately spread these lies with the obvious intention of destroying my name and maligning my reputation, with a view to impacting negatively against our beloved President,” said the Presidential son.

“The Senator was apparently emboldened by his false reliance on and abuse of his parliamentary immunity. But this immunity does not apply to libelous remarks made during media interviews, clearly as these attacks were done outside the halls of the Senate — and definitely not when these were discharged with the pure intention of destroying me,” he added.

Paolo had earlier labelled the accusation made by Trillanes as pure lies and based entirely on gossip —and worse, as part of desperate black propaganda against the President and his Government.

In December, he also filed civil damage suit against Trillanes over the Senator’s downright false allegations that he was involved in graft and corruption.

Also named in the December suit against Trillanes was lawyer Manases Carpio.

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