Paolo confirms wife, daughter injected with Dengvaxia

Presidential son Paolo Duterte confirmed on Wednesday, May 23, that his daughter and wife have been injected with the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine sometime in 2016.

The former Davao City vice mayor said his wife January and daughter Sabina were vaccinated in a private clinic.

He said that back then they were assured of the vaccine’s effectivity thus they availed of it. Paolo said his son Uno was very young then thus he was spared while he opted not to be injected for some reason.

Paolo said that all they could do now is make sure that his wife and daughter are well protected from mosquito bites.

“Akong ginakaliguan ug off lotion si Sabina pag mugawas sa balay,” Duterte said.

The young Duterte said if ever something happens to his daughter and wife, he will blame no one but the previous Aquino administration.

“Ug naa mahitabo sa akong anak daghan nami mangita niya (Aquino) para gitikon. Hinay baya ko manamparos,” Paolo Duterte said.

Presidential daughter Veronica Duterte was also said to have been injected with Dengvaxia as confirmed by her mother Honeylet Avanceña.


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