Spot Report Re-Neutralization of Robbery Suspect

DATE : May 1, 2018

1. Reference: Blotter Entry No 138952 and 138954

2. This pertains to the neutralization of robbery suspect on or about 8:40PM of May 1, 2018 at Bankerohan Public Market wherein neutralized suspect was identified as Jason Flores Gomez, 18 years old, male, single, OSY, resident of Lower Madapo, Brgy 5-A,, Bankerohan, Davao City. That prior to the incident, at around 5:45PM of this date, a robbery hold-up victim identified as Louella Felicidad Binasbas, 26 years old, resident of Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat, lodged a complaint in this station that she was robbed by unidentified male person while walking in an alley of Bankerohan Public Market. Accordingly, the suspect used an unknown hand gun during the Robbery Incident.

3. That upon verification at rouges gallery, said suspect was positively identified by the victim as one Jason Flores Gomez, 18 years old, male, single, OSY, resident of Lower Madapo, Brgy 5-A,, Bankerohan, Davao City, a former CICL who has formerly arrested in the crime of theft and mauling.

4. That on or about 6:20PM of same date personnel of this station led by PCI RAMIL M MACARAMPAT, San Pedro Police Station Commander with personnel from Police Station 1 led by PCI NOLAN RAQUID station commander, conducted joint follow-up operation for possible apprehension of the suspect. Said suspect was spotted at the Bankerohan Public Market in which the personnel of this station approached the suspect and pronounce as a Police Officer however, instead of submitting himself peacefully the suspect immediately pulled a .38 caliber revolver from his waist which prompted the police officers to defend their lives and shot the suspect which resulted to his untimely death. Recovered from the crime scene the .38 caliber revolver without serial number loaded with (5) five live ammos, (3) three fired cartridge case of .9mm pistol and sling bag containing marijuana dried leaves with fruiting tops wrapped in a newspaper.

5. Furthermore, responding police officer immediately brought the suspect upon sensing that the suspect is still alive however, he was declared dead on arrival at SPMC by Dr. Anthony Araneta at about 9:53PM of same date.

6. For Information and progress report will follow.


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