Davao City Mayor and Hugpong ng Pagbabago chairperson Sara Z. Duterte is solidifying the group’s forces in the region at the same time advocating for a clean and peaceful elections next month.

In an event in Tagum City Thursday, April 26, Mayor Duterte joined forces with Davao del Norte Governor Anthony del Rosario and 2nd District Rep. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr. in encouraging the public to advocate for an honest, orderly, and peaceful elections.

Around 2,500 individuals flocked to the RDR Gym as they listened to Mayor Duterte urged their cooperation in the upcoming barangay and SK elections next month.

HNP, a regional political group; and Tapang at Malasakit, a national coalition of groups supporting President Rodrigo Duterte, are one in advocating for clean elections.

The barangay officials hopefuls meanwhile pledged their support to HNP and Tapang at Malasakit’s advocacy.

Mayor Duterte said that in order to maintain a peaceful, orderly, clean, and honest election the candidates should be reminded not to kill, not to cheat, and to clean after the election period.

“I would like to appeal to you all, please don’t kill your opponents. You will never win in that way. Killing your opponent will only mean that you’ll have another opponent. It will be an unending process,” she said.

Lastly, she asked the candidates to clean after the election.

“After the entire election period please do clean your barangays since it is one of the mandate of a barangay official to clean their community,” she said.

Mayor Duterte also stressed that their should be no party who will rule the campaign since the barangay election is a non-partisan.


In her speech, Mayor Sara Duterte clarified that she never expressed her opinion on the controversial Divorce Bill saying that “my opinion does not matter since I am not a member of Congress.”

She said that President Rodrigo Duterte was only teasing House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez when he said that she is not in favor of the divorce bill.

“PRD was only joking when he said that I was not in favor of the divorce bill that Congressman Alvarez is pushing. He said at that time that Alvarez should talk to me about the bill,” she said.

The Presidential Daughter explained that his father is very well aware of her dispute with the House Speaker.

“He knows about our dispute and we do not see each other eye to eye that is why he said those words. He was just teasing Speaker Alvarez,” Mayor Duterte said.

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