Camp General Manuel T Yan Sr., Mawab, Compostela – April 18, 2018, 11:30 Am., troops of 39IB, while on Focused Military Operation, encountered more or less 30 CPP-NPA terrorists in Sitio Caceras, Barangay Upper Bala, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.
Troops immediately established defensive position and delivered suppressive fire towards enemy location the said firefight lasted for about one hour.

The 39th Infantry Battalion received an information stating that armed NPA terrorist were having meeting and planning with their militias in the forested outskirts of Brgy Upper Bala, Magsaysay, Davao Del Sur.

The leaders of the group were identified by the witnesses as Norma Capuyan alias Libra, Dave Verano alias Borjack and Eusebio Cranzo alias Brix.
Acting on this information the Battalion initiated a Focused Military Operation targeting the group and resulted to the death of two (2) NPA terrorist fighters and the seizure of their two (2) M16 rifles.

As observed, there were other several wounded terrorist fighters who being drag away from the fight by their fellow terrorist.

As for the troops, no casualties incurred and they are on pursuit operation.

Lieutenant Colonel Rhojun Rosales, Commanding Officer of 39IB thanked the concern residents and the Barangay officials for the timely and accurate report regarding the presence of CPP-NPA terrorists in their locality.

1002 Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Roberto Ancan said “We are calling the NPA terrorist who are still hiding to surrender peacefully, bring down your firearms and avail the government programs intended for you. You deserve to live happily with your family”.

Meanwhile, Major General Noel S Clement Commander, 10ID lauded troops’ accomplishment. “Our forces will continue on hunting down those remaining CPP-NPA terrorists but will spare those who want to surrender,” he said.

“10ID remains steadfast in protecting the people and securing communities. The death of the 2 NPAs clearly manifest the ills of communist-terrorist ideology. Let us work hand in hand to end terrorism brought by CPP-NPA. Insurgency is everybody’s responsibility. Your Army will always be your partner in sustaining peace and development and establishing conflict-resilient communities,” MGen Clement added.

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