Duterte laments corruption by people he placed in power

President Rodrigo Duterte lamented how some of the very people who egged him to run for the presidency are now themselves into corruption in his administration.

In his recent speaking engagement, President Duterte admitted that he will be firing more of his appointed officials anytime soon because of corruption.

“I’ll be firing about one undersecretary, one after the other. Ubusin ko talaga ‘yan. And to think, in fairness also to President Aquino and to President Arroyo, so far, ang lahat nabigyan ko ‘yung tao. Even the Cabinet member, the first to go mga tao ko,” Duterte said.

Duterte expressed regret on his decision to run. He said he would have wanted to remain mayor of Davao City and retire from politics thereafter.

He blamed those who kept on urging him to run for president for his debacle.

“Ano ang masakit sa akin? Ganito. Nandoon ako sa Davao, okay naman ang buhay ko. I was planning to run as mayor. Rested ka eh. Mayor ka, rested ka….Kaya itong — kung may hawak lang ako ngayon, saksakin ko ‘tong taong ‘to, ito si Speaker. Sige balik ‘yang, sige balik. “Pare, tumakbo ka ng ano…Sabi ko… sabi ko, “Bot, naloko ka? Naloko ka niyang Mindanao-Mindanao mo eh ‘no?” Sabi niya, “Hindi. Feeling ko lang.” “Mas mabuti ka pa kay may feeling ka. Ikaw na lang. Bakit ako?…Pabalik-balik ‘yan sila. ‘Yung mga military, sila Jason Aquino, ‘yung sa Navy. And I cannot mention, nandiyan sa service eh. ‘Yung tao, sabi niya, “ikaw.” Tsaka ‘yung… ‘yung mga Cabinet members na pinaalis ko na. “Rod, ikaw na lang pag-asa ng bayan, ganun — corrupt,” Duterte narrated.

“And sometimes ‘yung… ‘Yun pala sila rin. ‘Yung that’s my lament. My lamentation is ‘yung mga tao na nag-push sa akin na kailangan ng change, ganun-ganun, ‘yun lang rin ang mga p***** i**** na nag-uuna nang pumasok ng kalokohan,” Duterte added.

The President admitted that with corruption still going on under his administration and perpetrated by the very people he put into positions, “I’m no better than the rest of the Filipinos.”

“As I have said, I’m not perfect. I cannot even compare my term with President Arroyo and I refuse to make comparisons with Aquino. He might have been more, more circumspect than I am,” Duterte said.


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